Thursday, September 20, 2007

today... was absent from school too.
as i said earlier on the pervious post, 4N2 and 4N3 won't be attending school today.
so yeah!
but sadly, 4N3's attendance for today was 1.
which was James.
i don't why he attended school, Hanyong already told him that we are not attending school...
but then, he went, hmmmm...
there's Chemistry today, maybe that's the reason.

woke up at 2pm plus.
immediately after brushing my teeth and washing my face, i went to the computer, tried to fix it.
the umpteen attempts failed...
so i went to look for some paper, which was the key to connecting to the internet.
i found it!!!
so i called my sister over to the computer, and she fixed it.
she called the service thingy and then the person in the phone guided her.
and finally, i can use my desktop.

okay, i mapled for around 1hour, and my sister took over to use the computer.
in the mean time, i decided to study.
i studied!
N level is already drawing nearer and nearer, and my fuckin' Chemistry Textbook is missing.
i searched every corner of my house, but the damn fucking rectangle stack of paper is still missing.
so i went around asking people, whether they saw my book or not.
and finally...
"It's in sch.under my desk.dun worry.tmr go sch ah.k see you." Jasper replied my message.
what a relief damn it!

okay i was given permission to put this video here.
and that person who gave me the permission was YeongChong.

okay i've got nothing to blog about already.

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