Sunday, September 23, 2007

another day where i can sleep as late as i want.
but i don't know why, i'm becoming an early bird already, waking up at a much earlier time.
12pm, around...

was watching GUESS3 yesterday and it's already passed 12am.
watching watching, then suddenly, "BOOM!"
i thought it was my sister, so i went outside to see if anyone's there.
but no one.
my mind started to run wild, thinking about those ghost ghost things.
i couldn't stop thinking damn it.
but luckily, after like 15minutes, my sister came home.

we're celebrating the LUNAR FESTIVAL or something.
the festival where you carry lanterns and walk around.
it's early, i know.
but i don't know why either.
had buffet, not nice.
then waited for the sky to turn grey.
and finally, a table is brought out into the open.
this was the time where we get to admire the moon.
it's not round though, 3/4 round.
so everyone chatted and ate things that were laid on the table.

we then decided to start lantern-ing at the park, yeah...
this year's LUNAR FESTIVAL is damn boring.
we USED to walk to a big canal near my house, set up the whole canal.
then start making big big fire.
haha. cool huh?
lighters were also thrown into make the setting look even more...
errrr... POWER?
don't know.
the explosions were really DAMN FUN.

okay i've nothing else to blog about already.
there's school tomorrow, better sleep early.


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