Sunday, October 14, 2007

this damn ulcer is really giving me hell man!!!
it's growing bigger and bigger. gave me lots of problem damn it!
went out to celebrate my Grandmother's birthday, my father's side one.
went to a Nepalese Restaurant to eat, and it was located at ToaPayoh, around block90 plus.
the food was delicious damn it!
but i couldn't eat more, this damn ulcer's fault.
the moment i bite the food, the oil will spread throughout my mouth...
obviously it's going to touch my damn ulcer. AND THAT IS WHY I ATE A LITTLE.
but never mind, i enjoyed.

went home, GRAND THEFT AUTO! i finally can play!
but it's vice city, san andreas is just too big.
i still have some space for it, but don't want to waste... finish vice city first, then san andreas.

and so it was 6.30pm, went to celebrate my Grandpa's birthday, my mother side one.
so again, we went to some where near ToaPayoh.
IN FACT! it's AT ToaPayoh.
the Chinese Restaurant near CRC, AND ONCE AGAIN!
delicacies were displayed just right infront of me, BUT!
my ulcer failed me again. ate only a little.
and this time, it's DAMN LITTLE.
the crab... OHMYGOD!!! i only had one pincer and that's it!
wasted, stupid ulcer. hate it man.
with the presence of my ulcer, there was no way i could eat anymore.
so, i sat down staring at people...
"Jisiang, got how many ulcer?" My uncle asked.
"One." I replied.
"I teach you, go home use your thumb, put at the area where your ulcer is. Then, rub until the white colour thing come out."
i grimaced in pain, "Not pain meh?"
"Just don't think about pain, keep rubbing. Last time i got ulcer also like that, after one day not pain already."

after hearing these words, i tried.
and it was in the bathroom, DAMN IT!
it's friggin' painful okay!
my tears were like tap water...
so i finally gave up. my uncle is sort of like an AhBeng, that's why he could endure with the pain.
or maybe i'm just weak.

okay, i really hope this ulcer will go away soon.
it's giving me a very very hard life.
every morning i wake up, brush teeth also hard, wash face also hard.
TALK also hard.

okay, i'm tired...


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