Saturday, October 27, 2007

had a good sleep, and now my energy's back!
OKAY! i was irritated by my cousins, if not i wouldn't be waking up at such early hours.
they came in the room, laughing laughing laughing.
damn it. i was half-awake, i tried to go back in to my sleep.
but then, they came tickling my feet.
they took video of me, they just kept on disturbing my sleep.
so i woke up, went to brush my teeth and everything.
Jasper called, said he wanted to go out and CHILL.
after playing a game of chinese chess with my cousin, i went out to find Jasper and Ivan.

POOL-ed for 2hours or so and then went to KFC. had our meal and MRS TAY CAME IN!
she's very cute and her husbands handsome.
her tummy's big already. i bet she had...

after that, we went to J8.
had fun there, saw this 5dollars shirt from errr...
don't know where. but it's damn nice.
unfortunately we didn't buy.
went to the arcade to watch people play and stuffs.

i don't want to post already.


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