Thursday, November 1, 2007

hi i'm a 24 years old single looking for a special armpit...
okay shuddup.
i am always the unluckiest among my friend you know.
SHIT! Ivan and Nicholas didn't get to meet customers like the one i mte today.
SHIT! pregnant BIG is it...? what the hell.
feel like punching her damn face.
okay, it all started when Ivan knocked off and went home.
and i still have 2 more hours to go before i knocked off.
no customers, so i walked around the restaurant looking for things to do.
THEN, this couple came in.
a chinese man, and a tamil lady.
they were obviously married, and the wife's already pregnant.
yeah, so i served the, brought them to their seats and waited for the food to come out so i can serve them.
Nonya Sambal something something and Spore Curry Chicken with a bowl of rice, these was what the couple ordered.
so i served them, put everything nicely on the their table.
"Enjoy your meal~" and i walked away.
stood at the cashier browsing through the pocket dictionary.
then, the pregnant lady raised her hands, and so, i went to her.
"Can I help you Ma'am?"
"I'm pregnant and ..." forgot what she said. she just wanted me to get the curry chicken changed.
there weren't any meat. yeah, pregnant women has to eat more.
so i went to tell Uncle James, the chef, what the customers wanted.
so so so... he took away the meatless parts and gave her those wings and everything.
went back to her with the claypot, "Sorry, about that Ma'am, here's your curry chicken."
then she used her spoon to dig out something in the claypot.
"Wait, there's still..." forgot again.
so i took the claypot away and once again, asked Uncle James to get the meatless part changed.
okay, this time, Uncle James was fed up. i think.
he dumped the very very meatty parts in and gave her more chicken than he usually gave the customers.
brought the claypot back on her table, didn't say anything, and walked away.
her face changed, like some joke like that.
she digged the meatless part out again and gave an irritated face and everything.
then she sat at her seat, motionless that kind, then act like some kind of shit like that.
never mind, then she raised her hand, "I need to see the Lady over there."
the lady's Miss Daisy, the Manager.
then i knew that i was in trouble.
so Miss Daisy went over and listened to her explanation, came back and told Uncle James and i somethings which i forgot.
then, Uncle Jame's went to make another pot of curry chicken for her...
their so many meatty things inside, then like purposely want to find trouble.
she can choose not to eat the meatless part what... why see the meatless part already then give one face don't want to eat?
tsk... after that incident, i felt damn frustrated.
then while i was clearing the tables and everything, her irritated face materialised in my mind.
then i felt angry and everything. but luckily i didn't express my anger out... IF NOT...!!!
wahh sehhH!!! i tell you...
wahhhhhhhh... you won't want to know i tell you, you'll be frightened.
OHMYGAW~ don't ask me what i will do, i'm afraid that i'll create a great great impact in your minds and corrupt them, causing you to have frightening days.
you won't have peace after you know what i will do, you will be disturbed...

okay END.

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