Friday, November 23, 2007

woke up to see Ivan's message in my handphone.
so yeahhhhh.. after using the computer for some time, i got ready and went out to meet everyone, which is Ivan, Jasper and Nicholas.
then we went to Pastamania, ate Mussels and Clams.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...!!! SO NICE!
okay, after that Jasper's face suddenly turned alittle pale.
then he said, "I think i have to go back, i need to check on the hamsters." (that's roughly what he said)
so we accompanied it home.
the hamster's so damn cute! but one of them ain't breathing.
touched him, shook him, he's still not moving, and so we assume that he's already dead.
damn sad. something so cute died.
at least the other one's still moving, not just moving, it's like so hyper.
??? maybe every hamster's hyper.
alright, so it's cool it's cool.
we played around with it.
his secret is longer hidden... he's a POWER RANGER!
OHMYGAW~ how cool. Nicholas' got the video, think he'll post next time.
so after playing with the alive one, we decided to bury the dead one.
buried it under a tree. hopefully, neither the rain nor the cut disturb it's grave...

decided to go SnookerZone.
and coincidentally, we saw Hanyong.
think he was on his way up to CRC.
so The Boom Five went up to SnookerZone, played a few rounds of pool.
and also alittle bit of PSP for Jasper and i.
that'll be the end.


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