Tuesday, December 25, 2007


DAMN! mess up photos. and i'm lazy to rearrange everything...
so i'll just type some rubbish beneath the photos then.

everyone's amused by Santa Claus. can tell that it's tired, sound operated.

YAY! going home!!!

Meet Delphine Lim LeYi.

she's just so damn adorable. pictures' not enough to describe her cute-ness.

AEROPLANE! the seats suck.

those were pictures of the most decent hotel i can find in HaiNan Dao(HaiNan Island).

MY DAD ASKED ME TO DELETE THE ONE TOOK WITH HIM! never mind... i can take one with him anytime i want. WHOOOO!!!

hello, Daddy, Mummy.

Delphine and her father, which is my my mother's brother, and my UNCLE.

some school in Hainan Dao.

Denzel in action, Delphine's brother. forgot what the statue's name is already.

Denzel, Adrian.

the big big loud loud bell in some temple. and there's a really huge statue of the Goddess of Mercy.

this is the place where every male are afraid of.
female that are 13 and above will start looking for men to become their husband.
that's their tradition. first, they will go up to some men, pull their ear, drag them to some seat and then put on the wedding costume or whatever for the men.
if the men agrees to put on the costume, then! they'll be married.
something like that, i forgot. at first i thought they were scary, but nahhhhhhhhh...
their like normal humans.

and that's my mother's youngest brother, my Uncle again.
he refused to put on the costume... smart.

my GrandPa got married twice. but this is a fake one, so only once. kinda exciting to see them doing all those wedding routines.

My Aunt and Sister.

WELL WELL WELL... my Dad knows how to play too!


he eat alot.

she... nothing to say.

she! i got alot of things to say, but lazy.

hmmmm, climbing up the flight of stairs is like climbing up a Mountain. NAHHHHHHHHH!!! that's only for old people. some!

she doesn't want to play...

supermodel in the H-O-U-S-E!!!

the acrobatic elephant!

that stone behind is one of the attractions in HaiNan Dao. and i just can't tell... where the attractive part is.

Adrian's whole family!

where's the attractive part damn it?!

okayokay... the elephants, they might look happy when their performing...
but during the trainings and stuffs. SHIT! they endure pain and everything.
i wasn't amazed by the things the elephant did, i was angry... seriously.
i thought about how those people trained the elephants and stuffs.
OHMYGOD! like torture man... i feel so irritated. never mind, like before. not good with words.

yeah, i used one of those on CP. JUST KIDDING!
the prostitutes in China are really smart...
they know where those single men lives in and all. they'll call you in the middle of the night and ask whether you wanted that kind of stuff. if not, they will just go up to your door and *knock knock*. see how desporate they are?
okay, i didn't do it with them, a good kid. i want to present my first to my wife.

OH!!! the crocodile stunts were amazing and goddamn exciting. once the powerful jaws of the crocodile snaps, you won't even have the chance of escaping.
they have the most powerful bite force among animals.

i thought that the picture would somehow resemble me, but i was wrong. you'll see the picture later.

i forced her...

my dad too.

sleepy i think.

he's very cheeky. "Act cool" that's what he told me.

our tour guide, Wan Hai Yan.

the so called Asian Hawaii.

and the judges say...

visited the butterfly place...

then the seashell gallery.

the larvae of a moth? i think.

some weird species..

and she is GORGEOUS!

the taxi in errr... forgot the place's name.

yes! my GrandPa went to visit his home... i think that's the main purpose of the trip.

this island, seperates the calm sea and the wavey sea.
that means, the left/right side of this island is a wavey sea and the other side is a calm sea.
not good with words, i can explain with actions only.

this thing's fun!!!



yeah, the plane went off course and invaded Antatica's airspace...

this is so damn friggin beautiful.

i want my hair! FOOK! now i can't wear my cap.

"Looks like a professor, Prof. Wong!" He says.

Harry Potter.


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