Sunday, December 2, 2007

piece of shit...
i miss Maple. and now! i'm gonna try downloading it ONE MORE TIME!
and i hope it works alright.
because i really need to play that so-called lame game badly.
i got only 2 games to play on my desktop now.
GTA and Winning Eleven. piece of shit.
i completed GTA, and Winning Eleven's... abit boring.
so i want MAPLE! that game just gives me the thrill.

ALRIGHT! work work work.
luckily my Mum's a beautician.
if not i'll be going to work with dried skin all over my face.
she helped me do some make-ups, don't know what foundation thingy first...
then don't know what already.
cool huh?
OKAY! just kidding.
she only applied the cooking oil on my face...SHUDDUP!
she just applied some lotion of my face then finish.


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