Tuesday, January 1, 2008

yesterday marked the last day of 2007, a fun and memorable year for me.
after when the crowd started counting down 10 all the way till 0, everyone grew one year older and for those who are taking O Level this year... we're one step closer.
met up with Rubberband, Jonathan, Jason Ho, Celeste, Jasmine, Liying, Viona and Vinnie yesterday.
and straight away, we took a train to City Link...
walked to Marina and forgot what we did.
but i know Seoul Garden's real expensive. BLOODY HELL!!!
we already booked tables, but! the staffs said it was on a first com first serve basis, and so we waited.
i was real hungry at first, but after waiting, i don't feel like eating anymore...
sort of wasted $32. never mind! at least i had fun.
so after eating, we squeezed our way through the crowd around Esplanade...
squeezed here and there, and finally we found a good place, i think, to watch the fireworks.
1hour of wait sure is long, got real sweaty and stuff.
goddamn sweaty, and HIGH!
the band on stage singing weren't very good, but the music was YEAHHHHHHH!!!
i missed a good show too, didn't see how Hanyong retaliated to people who're pushing here and there.
"You want to play push ah?!" that's what Hanyong told one of the strangers, i think.
10, 9...3, 2, 1!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
and the fireworks took the limelight, everyone stared at the beautiful sperm-like sparklers.
truly amazing! must have spent lots of money on that one.

so after watching the fireworks, we went back to Marina Square.
Samantha died, what a pity, almost teared.
you know why?! because she reminds me of Lucky...
the zombies were cool too, expecially the leader of the zombies.
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! i don't know how to explain, you guys gotta watch it for yourself.

movie's ended, and we got no where to go...
so we walked to Makansutra sat down, and talked about horror movies and stuffs.
COOL MAN! i want to watch One Missed Call.
10 January, i'm waiting...
then after that, we went to where the Merlion was...
sat down and enjoyed the sea breeze, sang songs and all...
the girls must feel super bored, cause they're with us...
why's it like that? i thought it would be fun mannnn.
maybe we didn't entertain them enough.

we were supposed to see the sunrise, but in the end, nothing came out...
lots of people were there to take pictures of the sunrise too, yeah... the biggest star didn't come out.

ALRIGHT! time to sleep.

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