Tuesday, January 15, 2008

DAMN! got caught by Mr Singh again.
this is the first time i got by Mr Singh for my hair... first time in 2008.
and i really hope this will be the first, and the last.

school... was goddamn fun.
especially when we played the calculator game, Hanyong and SengHong created.
straineous yet exciting.
ANS+1=3. and that is the signal you give when you're ready.
"Ready. On your mark. Get set... GO!" then everyone in the game will start pressing the = sign as many times as you can.
first person to reach 100 or any specified number will win. 200, standard.
it's friggin' fun i tell you, try it yourself.

ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!~ i feel like playing soccer.
everytime when i watch people playing soccer in the basketball court, or school field... i get super jealous.
it's either i have to change shoe or change into the PE attire.
never mind.
speaking about soccer, the word sports just automatically came into my mind.
sports, sports, sports, SPORTS' DAY!
OHMYGOD!!! i want to win for Sturdee.
i'll try... some quick feet-ers left the school, graduated i mean.
so, i think Sturdee has a high chance of winning, IF, the Lower Secondaries take part in those C division events.
SHUT IT! i talk too much.


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