Thursday, January 3, 2008

early in the morning, dragged myself to school and some unpleasant thing made my day worst.
DAMN IT! Mrs Yang caught me for my hair and, Nicholas, Jasper and Izwan got caught too.
then the 4 of us went down to find Mr Singh. ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!
there were so many people, they had the same problem as us, imporper hair length.
then we went into the room where the barber was supposed to be at.
after like 10minutes, Izwan, Jasper, Nicholas and i walked out of the room.
*phew* no teacher.
but the councillors came after us. "Got Scissors?" we had no choice but to cut our hair ourselves.
after we got hold of the canteen vendor's scissors, we went into the toilet and *snip snip*
DAMN IT MAN!!! my hair's already so short... never mind.

after that, we decided to head back to class.
but on our way, we saw Mr Cheng...
he's a good man, he talked to us nicely and then... sort of like let us go.

Principle of Accounts.
some dropped that subject, and i'm thinking of whether to drop or not.
but come to think of it, the chances of me failing if i dropped POA is 60% and if i didn't drop, it would be 50%.
so i think i just pay attention in class.
i'll try my best to keep my attention on the teacher, rather than other things.
but sometimes also need to have fun.

okay... i'm really tired, guess i'll just stop here.

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