Thursday, January 24, 2008

my hair is so goddamn short now, and Mr Singh still isn't satified.
that guy just wants me to slope my back... what the fcuk.
i don't give a damn already.

like any other school days, had no difference than yesterday, the day before yesterday and so on...
so there's nothing for me to blog about.
except for the assembly. WHOOHOO!~
it's like... WHAT A GREAT NAP!
like every assembly, i fall asleep because the teachers on the stage, preaching about this and that.
but then, last week's assembly made me so high...
why can't the school just have this kind of programmes on every assembly?
okay, maybe it's expensive.
but at least make the assemblies interesting or everning worth watching or listening to mannnn~
i talk too much thanks!

the 'O' Level students came back and they all looked the same, except for some.
so glad that all of my friends made. WHOOOHOOO!!!
the atmosphere in the hall was YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!~
so damn intense, especially when everyone's receiving their results.
and i'm so happy for all of them.
ShiXiong, you're one smart ass you know...
Theresa's another one...
ChanYu too.
everyone is, and i want to be like them.
i'll try my best...

people had tears of joy and some teared as their results weren't what they expected.
next year, our turn...
i think if i got points like 15 or below... WAHHH!!! i run around the hall 10 times, or even more!
okayokay, i've got nothing to blog about already.


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