Tuesday, January 8, 2008

back from school, long ago...
first i would like to wish JASMINE WONG SHWU LIH(think that's how you spell her name) A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
distant relative not very close to you, so.. err...
hope you'll have a very very happy 2008 and the also the follwing years to come.

hmmm... i'll be having my 'O' Level this year, and i am really really nervous.
i know it's still long before the major exam, but got damn it!
i have already forgotten every single thing i learnt last year...
OHMYGOD!!! self-study ain't my thing, but i'll buying some free time and then do my own self-revision and stuff...
YEAHYEAH! that's what i'm going to do... during my free time.
ohkay, if my english sounds weird... don't blame me, because i forgot how to put words right and how to write a proper composition.
nothing else for me to blog about already.


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