Friday, June 13, 2008

AHHH FUCK! i've been having sleepless nights these few days. i won't get tired unless the clock hits 4am. yeahhh~ not that bad, cause i still get to sleep whenever i lay my head on my pillow. BUT TODAY... the first time in my entire life, i don't feel sleepy at all. and in fact, i still don't feel the sleepiness now. OHSHIT! what's happening to me? am i turning super or what? wahhhh!!! i wanna sleep!!! i've been lying on my comfy bed for like 3hours, hoping that i would fall asleep somehow, but i waited and wait. i was still awake!!! damn irritated. i waited and waited, then i looked at the window, the sun's ray are already shining in. FUCK! i don't wanna sleep already. i'll go do something, wait until i grow tired, then i'll come back to sleep. waste of time...

and now. i'm feeling alittle tired. but i don't feel like sleeping. cause the music in my playlist's so nice. okay shuddup.

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