Sunday, August 22, 2010

all i wanted

walauuuuuuuuuuuuuu i miss The O.C.! because my sister deleted my TEMPORARY files in her hard disk and reformatted my dad's laptop, my 4 seasons of The O.C. is missing. i'm gonna download them again.

exams comes in a week's time. and i'm still slacking. i never study at home, only when i'm out then i'll study. i used to be so hard working(at least for me i was) during semester one. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaai.. what am i gonna do in future? with these kinda results, i won't be going to University. what kinda job can i get with that kinda results right? die liaozxc~

oh and i had a dream! this dream was hardcore man.. idk what happened but i remember the world coming to an end. like everyone was panicking. and no offence, the Cs(if you know what i mean) were gathered all together. they start praying and all while all the non-Cs watched. then after praying some huge ass earthquake hit Earth and everyone started scrambling all over the place. i looked at the Cs, they all threw something into their mouths. think it was some explosive shit and KA-BOOM! a huge shock wave came after the explosion. that's why in my dream, all the non-Cs ran as far as they could from the Cs.
so all the non-Cs were helpless. everything started to like slow down, like time was gonna stop and everything would stop moving. I CRIED! really hard, then i gathered all my friends and hug them altogether real tightly. then suddenly.. the slowing down of everything and the earthquake came to a stop. and everything was fine after that.

and here's the new Spider-man, Andrew Garfield. fucking lucky dude sia this guy


CELESTE said...

Andrew Garfield is too cute to be spiderman la.g

Ji Siang.Wong said...

ya la! i should be the new spiderman la