Thursday, September 23, 2010


i just found out that Gerard Way's about the same height as i am. at least now i don't feel so fucked up.

chalet wasn't as bad i expected it to be. i got to hear things i never heard from my classmates. feels good yknow. but the sleeping part sucked like mofo. because there were only 2 beds for the guys, we had to squeeze. i slept on the bed for the first night. i couldn't move because was sleeping real close to me, so yea.. and i nearly froze to death wtf man! seriously one. the next day i had to sleep on the floor, i figured there wouldn't be enough space for me to sleep after Ian, Kimmura and Royce got on the bed. so.. there i was freezing my ass off on the floor.
and i seriously seriously love the guitar and singing session. damn shiok, although i didn't really sing but it felt great to hear my friends singing and all.

i still feel damn bloody excited about MCR's new album. HURRY UP! eff

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