Tuesday, September 28, 2010


after being psycho-ed by Kimmura Afi, i went to check my exam results. damn nervous. but turns out, that period of nervousness i was in was worth it because i pass all my modules, which was enough for me already. passing is enough to satisfy me *twing

i know i wasn't ready when i took the papers, i thought i'd fail. but i didn't, you know why? because LONG LIVE MCR!

and to those around me that didn't make it, those that didn't pass all their modules. don't be disheartened. second chances exist for a reason. you get to make new friends, you get to freshen up what you've already learned and later excel in it during exams. you might even learn new things that we didn't get to learn, idk how, but somehow maybe you will. don't give up.

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