Sunday, October 24, 2010


my dad says that we'll be bringing the dogs over to SPCA to get vaccine in their body. but you know, he's been saying this for over weeks already and we still haven't taken them to get their injections. i get really disappointed when he just entertain me when i ask certain questions. he'll just say something that'll stop me from bugging him. wtf man..

but yknow, if we were to bring the dogs there. confirm got world war III inside the car and at SPCA. idk what will happen, but don't care~ i just want the dogs to get their vaccine and the end. ohya, if can sterilize i also want. if not Kumar's dick will be in Yogi's pussy soon.

they were still so puny..

i'm addicted to The Beatles now. their music is like damn idk how to say. super one.. no wonder they're a legend. at least to me they are legends

best mv ever!

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