Monday, October 4, 2010

no scared

A Wank-Shake is a filthy prank played by mcdonald's employees on innocent customers, who purchase any variety of milkshake, from a drive thru. to do this male employees will wack off into your milkshake thus creating a Wank-Shake. The symptoms of obtaining a Wank-Shake are: extra saltyness, your straw becoming blocked due to chilled spunk, stickyness after drinking milkshake and most of all, circular swirls of cream/white in your milkshake, due to a cheap attempt to cover it up.

damn daring those ang moh people.

so work was kinda alright actually. i kept looking at my watch and time went like a snail. idk why i always complain so much when everything always turns out to be quite alright. haiaaa..

and about my pay! what the fuck man! i didn't know what to tell my manager, so i planned the things that i was gonna say while walking around the store waiting for customers to approach me for help. after rehearsing everything, i went in and told my manager what happened and all. in the end he gave me a really short answer, "Ok, you photocopy your pay slip." THE END. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaice.. now i know there's nothing to be afraid of when if MY pay.

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