Friday, October 1, 2010


ok i sent Faizul(manager) my roster for the week already. and i'm working on Sunday. cheebangs. don't feel like sia. but no choice, eff! so it's Sunday, Tuesday and Friday. maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, i hope i'll enjoy myself there, which i don't think i will. cause the whole environment is fucking sianzation to the maximum spider-man in black holes and revelations.

and i'm still very upset about the pay thing, idk how i'm gonna go and tell my manager that there's error. like later he say there's no mistake that kind how? stress..

k show you my dogs. to me cute la..

i pity them. seriously. why can't they just enter the house and sleep with me in my room? but then again, if they were to sleep with me, they cannot go shit or pee in the middle of the night because my room door will be closed. and even if my room door is not closed, the gate to my living room will be closed, and they cannot get out. some more they already used to shitting and peeing outside in the "garden" already.

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