Tuesday, December 21, 2010


please watch. because it is damn awesome!

6 days into the term break already. common tests are over and i'm still worrying about the results and all. i know i won't do well so yknow~ ahhaha. and i feel kinda aimless after i realised that there're no more papers left, and the fact that i don't have to revise my school work for a short period of 2 weeks. don't care.

so i got myself a new guitar, Ibanez. regret, because it looks metal and all. but i love the headstock. idk why, it just looks slick to me. and after i bought LouMaiKai(my guitar's name), i came to realise that i'm broke! wtf man! really, i'm in a financial crisis now. i need a job manzxczxc! not long term job, but yknow those 1 or 2 days easy money kaching kind. ahhh never mind. i'll have a bowl of cereal first before i turn in. buaaaaaaaaaaaiz!

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