Monday, March 28, 2011


wl i wanna have his face also :(

after so damn long, i still cannot recall what i wanted to blog about the last time. don't care.

in a few hours time i have to be at harbourfront station. first time stepping foot on Universal Studio Singapore's tiles and all. but i heard news that, tickets might sell out and all. so idk.. the purpose of me going there is because i wanna ride the roller coaster(i've never been on one before) and Viona Ding is gonna start attachment soon. meaning her ass won't be as free as now, so her bunch of good friends and not forgetting her boyfr is gonna make her wish come trueeeeee~ right? ahhahaha. remember us when you become successful next time!

a couple of days ago, Jason calculated my future through some dk what.. and he sent me the results through text message and i was skeptical at first, but after reading what he sent. FOOOF! like 70% of the words in the text was through. totally matches my character. lazy to type all the shit that was in the text, so i'm just gonna summarise everything:
i won't lead a happy life.

ya like that. ok sleep now, fun later.

ps, lemme find a 100SGD note some where later when i go out.

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