Tuesday, May 17, 2011


le nang ho ah! wa kin na jit gong hokkien weh ho bo? wa zai la, wa eh hokkien weh bo ho seh eh. ga wa jit eh chance ma.. bo ga wa chance, wa ma na eh improve tio bo?

ok stop. confirm nobody understand.

my shoes came and i look hot damn it! ahahhaha. it gives off this Dr. Martens feel you see. that's why i cannot wait to wear it again. i step scene kid one. but everything fake. hahahaha.

k i feel like shit now whenever i attend school. i don't listen to shit in tutorials and lectures and i don't do shit in labs. actually i tried, but i just don't understand idk why. think my head is only occupied with one thing only:)

SMILE WHAT SMILE?! you think good ah like that? siao! good la, but still you have to study la fucker.

ok i will study. after this week. ahahhahahahaha.


i wanna perform for Beatty Alumni Youth! please grant my wish. Viona.. Jasper.. thanks.

why ah?

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phoebe said...

i understood ur hokkien. hahaha