Thursday, September 13, 2007

didn't go to school today.
Mdm Ben Lai Tan wants me to get hair cut.
but... i don't feel like it, so i decided not to attend school.
woke up at don't know what time.
sat and a chair, "Should i get my hair cut? I don't like to run and run away from Mr Singh. OKAY! CUT!"
then i sms-ed Ivan, asked him along.
Hanyong too.
so Ivan and i went to the HairSalon and got our hair cut.
nicely done~
Ivan finished his like 15minutes before me.
the person cutting my hair, wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~
look here look there.
slowly bit by bit.
but never mind, as long as i find my hair comfortable to look at.
nicely done~

after our hair cut, we went to find James, Hanyong, Yongjin and ChenXi.
soon, Jasper came.
we went to Koufu.
had our dinner/dessert.
and then slacked for awhile, and went home.

nothing to post.


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