Wednesday, September 12, 2007

this is the first day of school since holiday, and it didn't go as i thought it would.
early in the morning, went into class, happy of course, didn't see my classmates for 1week and 2 days already.
so i went in, waited for the flag raising ceremony.

Mdm Tan and Mr Lee came in, sang the nathion anthem and finished our pledge taking...
"Please send students which still have long hair to see Mr Singh. Thank You."
"Jisiang ah Jisiang." Mdm Tan whispered to Mr Lee.
i can hear, she talked like an ass...
so Mr Lee said, " JISIANG... Go."
i stood up without saying a word and started to think of an escape plan.
wanted to hide in 4N2's classroom, but nooooooooooooooooooo...
Mrs Haridass' inside.
so i went to the toilet beside the cafe.
i spent about 20minutes inside.
i thought i just cut my hair not long ago?!
it's thick already.
i don't want to cut again!!!

okay never mind, so after Mdm Tan and Mr Lee went off.
i dashed back to the classroom, got changed and went down to play SOCCER.
it's been so long since i last played soccer.
okay was fun.
DAMN fun.
played played played.
bell rang, it's time for POA.
awwwwwwwwwwww mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnn~

went back up
i stood at the corridor and saw the classroom decorated in a pub-style.
then i know what's going on.
i stepped in, expecting to see a bar table.
there it was, infront of the board.
the lights were switched off, so i didn't know who was who.
so i went to my sit, sat down and waited for the "show" to start.
"OKAY IS EVERYONE HERE?" a familiar voice alerted the whole class.
"YES!" someone shouted.
and the disco ball on the ceiling shone brightly.
"Sit back and enjoy the hot and sexy performance by our hottest teacher... KARTHIK!!!" the host announced.
slowly, my eyes moved from Karthik's leg and then to his whole body.
on top of the bar table, he danced and shaked like a professional.
the wig, the glittery costume and the sweat underneath his arm pit made him look even more graceful.
he danced and danced. seduced the crowd with his legs and slowly lifting up his costume up till his thigh.
the performance was simply marvellous.
joyous cheers filled the classroom.
everything was perfect when suddenly, a sharp "creek" silenced the whole class, even Karthik himself.
everyone knew what was going to happen.
he table is falling apart.
Karthik stood on the table, motionless.
the crack became deeper as he inhaled more air.
and finally, he became humpty-dumpty.
the fall shook the whole school, cracks were located every where on the floor and the wall, even the ceiling.
everyone evacuated, leaving Karthik alone in the classroom.
"Help! My fats, i can't get up, i'm too heavy." Karthik cried out, hoping that someone would come to his rescue.
kind souls tried to save him, but he was just too heavy.
even bulldozers and forklifts couldn't lift him.
i don't wish to post such long-winded posts.

okay so it's time for POA.
as usual, i tried to pay attention, but i just can't.
so i gave up and started drawing.
chatted with SengHong and Jason Ho.
after that was recess, and then English.

self revision for English.
nicely done!
i did a little maths and then draw again!
made fun of KaiJin again.
but things didn't go uncontrolable as i controlled myself.
tried not to insult him too much.
made him laugh instead.

so after English.
Mother Tongue.
Mdm Tan caught me for my hair again.
asked me why my hair didn't get cut.
"Mr Singh gave me chance ah, he say friday then cut." using this words, i escaped her nagging and went into the AVA room.
watched I Not Stupid 2.
the TV series one.
and why are their hair so long?!

bell rang, YES!
was dismissed from school!
went down to play soccer again.
the most hilarious part.
Ivan was abused by James once again.
for no reason, James went to push Ivan and confronted him.
Ivan retaliated at first i think.
but soon he realised he had no chance against the "fearsome BULL", James.
then James performed flying kicks, low kicks and many other retarded actions.
they wrestled on the floor. then suddenly out of no where, a referee came.
he slapped the ground 1, 2...
James kicked out!
slapped the ground 1, 2... again.
Ivan kicked out, OH DAMN IT!
that scene was so damn funny.

okay i want to watch my show already,


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