Monday, October 1, 2007

i mugged like an ass yesterday for Geography.
3/10 of what i have started came out.
if i had known better, i wouldn't have studied so much...

okay, Geography was kind of easy, and also hard.
i don't tired to pour water on the paper to make it soft...
what the hell?
never mind.

then it was Maths which was at 2pm.
everyone said it was easy, in fact, it was DAMN EASY.
but to me.
it's like a piece BOULDER.
stupid gay tank, i always do badly for my Maths.

after that, went home, decided to focus on my Combine Science.
on the way home, ShiXiong called and asked me out to study.
so i agreed..
the Hanyong and gang asked me to study in school, but then, the teachers won't be available for me as there are so many students.
so i went to meet ShiXiong.

went Entertainment MacDonald, had our dinner first, and then it's time to study!
Study study study.
Shixiong went to see his HONEY home, so i was abandoned.
nolar, not abandoned, was temporarily alone.
there's this girl in front of me, damn distracting.
her looks was okay, and she looked like that Campus Superstat girl, the one dancing dancing one.

okay, i tried to concentrate, then suddenly.
the chairs moved, i looked up to see Celeste standing in front of me.
then ShiXiong was behind her.
"She also needs to study, you don't mind right?" ShiXiong asked.
"Don't mind."

so we studied and studied.
for helping me with my Chemistry.
i can understand better now.
and i hope that tomorrow's Combine Science will be easy.

okay, i better start revising already.


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