Saturday, October 20, 2007

first day of work.. it's really tiring.
went to meet ivan and Nicholas at around 10a, in the morning then went to MacDonald for our breakfast/lunch.
after that! we went off for work.
registered our name and everything, and then started work.
Ivan and Nicholas started off working at the Original Restaurant while i started off working in some Chinese Restaurant.
damn it's so busy there, the Manager was good.
there were 2, one's very short and cute, the other one looks like Mrs Devon.
"Mrs Devon" thought me as many things are she could and i tried my best to absorb too.
COOL!!! started work at 1130am.
so work work work...
then suddenly, the short short cute cute manager came to me and said, "Boy, Captain Something(forgot her name) wants to see you."
so i went over, FOOK! the first thing i saw was a nigger standing in front of me.
"Erm... Can i help?" i asked.
then she said, "Why this cloth so dirty? You like that put outside very disgusting you know? Next time you clean your tray already can put inside or not?"
BITCH! she's an ass, no one told me i couldn't put outside right?
okay basic i know, but it's my first day... must give me face right?
never mind.

so i was busy clearing up tables and setting up utensils and all.
"WAH! Work so long already, the time now should be around 3 plus already." i thought in my mind.
"JiSiang," The Manager shouted out my name, "Ms Daisy(my original restaurant manager) wants me to put you back at her restaurant, cause there very busy. OK?"
of course i said okay right? so i went over to the other restaurant then!!!!!!
i looked at the clock. WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
1pm plus only!!!
and from then on, the time moved like some snail.
cleared the tables and served a couple of food to the customers.
enjoyed myself at the original restaurant than the chinese restaurant.
everyone at the chinese restaurant gave a nigger face while the original restaurant gave smiley faces!
and the two person whose always giving me the smiley face was none other than Nichlos and Ivon.

okay finally, it was time to knock off!
so damn happy and tired.
went to get our things and when we were about to leave the restaurant...
2 girls wearing the same uniform as us walked towards the restaurant.
on of them was a pretty girl, and the other one was a normal girl.
why didn't that pretty girl work the same shift as we did?!

so the 3 of us went home sweet home...
i'm tired already, my knee's aching.
okay... i'm weak.


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