Sunday, October 21, 2007

it's sunday already. and tomorrow's the day that i ain't looking forward to.
was actually kind of excited BEFORE i started work, but after i experienced the feeling of work...
abit regret... ABIT only.
i won't quit! i will perservere till the end. i want money, and if i quit, the staffs there will think that i'm weak and stuff.

i'll be working from 6-10, so that means i'll be working for 4hours.
shorter than the last time, and i hope, this time...
the time will pass by with super speed, so that i can konck off real early.
10pm, i think the shops will be closing and all, and i know that i'll have to help clear up the place before i can go home.

i was actually working today, but luckily i made up a lie and escaped the long working hours.
8hours okay! from 10am - 6pm.
5hours already killing me, 8hours...
i hope that The Manager wouldn't give me such long working hours the next time i work.
i'll just "paste" to 5hours.
5hours enough. yeah.

AND ALSO! i learnt one thing from what i experienced yesterday.
don't make things difficult for the waiter/waitress.
i don't know how i am going to live with the complains or whatever shit from the customers.
OKAY! i'll stop here.


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