Tuesday, October 23, 2007

work's always not boring when you've got a friends with you.
and yes! Nicholas is the one working with me today, from 12pm to 4pm.

reported for work, was 1 minute late, which i don't care.
YEAHHH!!! work work work.
nothing crazy or what ever happened.
then, at around 2pm, Jonathan, Hanyong and YongJin came.
it was then, i recalled YongJin asking me about the place that i was working at.
so he came for the interview. Ms Daisy(Manager) interviewed him for less than 15minutes, and it's done.
thought he'll be able to work with us, but sadly, he's still a KID.
he's not 16 yet, so Ms Daisy couldn't recruit him.

so the 3 retards sat around a table, like some GANGSTERS, especially Hanyong.
for quite some time, they sat there waiting for people to serve them, but none of the staffs did.
so they sat there waiting.
i didn't know they wanted to eat at my working place, so i didn't bothered about them.
and sooooooon, they went off.

then this damned aunty came in with his husband or something.
i went over to ask, "Table for 2?" She wall me.
then never mind, i ask again...
in chinese, "两位吗?" She walled me again.
just then, my senior, whose known as Ah Siang came over...
AND THEN!!! that friggin' old hag started talking.
at first i thought she was deaf or dumb.
SHIT! i think she's only interested in talking to handsome guys.
DAMN IT! she's an arsehole~!
and that's the only thing i remembered clearly today.

4pm it is. Nicholas and i took off the apron and went to punch down? not sure.
sign out, sign out.
walked around town with the 3 gangsters, hunrgy!!!
we went to City Hall while Nicholas and his Sister went home.
so the 4 of us, Hanyong, Jonathan, YongJin and i went to find James at Cafe Cartel.
sat down and had our don't know pork chop. DELICIOUS!!!
i'll have it again someday.
i miss James...

i don't wish to blog anymore.

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