Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ALRIGHT!!!it's always good to stay at home.
hmmmm... i'm still thinking about whales and the animal around us.
yeah, like around 2hours ago...i just watched Nigel Marvin's Ugly Animals.
FOOOOOF!so just so damn entertaining man.
i love watching such documentaries.
in fact, any documentaries about animals and those that can keep my attention on the tv.i don't know how to explain the sustain part.
i want to go scuba diving!
OWWWWW!!! look at those marine creatures.
what if a shark suddenly appear in front of me?!
i just gotta punch it, on it's snout.
i think that's how you fend away a shark. I THINK ONLY!
but i've heard of that method.

i miss Artscentral's Life In The Undergrowth.
WAHHHH!!! that's the best documentary i've ever watched.
the camera made the show so damn captivating, plus the narrator's voice...
so damn errr... 慈祥. if i'm not wrong his name is David Attenborough.
i got a video of him talking too.

very cool video too.
alright, i shall stop here.


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