Wednesday, December 12, 2007

i spend so damn long just to find out the largest creature that's leaving on earth now.
the largest is a BLUE WHALE.
the second largest is the Giant Squid, or a Colossal Squid.
and also, the fastest animal on land is Cheetah.
the faster animal in air is Falcon.
the fastest marine creature is the Sailfish.
the strongest animal ain't those animals that you're thinking alright.
it's not big either.
it's the Rhinoceros Beetle. i don't know how to explain, but it's the Rhinoceros Beetle.
the most ferocious, Piranha. DAMN!!! i never thought it would be a fish!

OKAY! i got prove to all those i mentioned on top alright...
this is for the largest creature thing.
and is for the fastest thingy or something.

yeah go check them out, all those research made me so damn interested about the animals around us now.
like, THE YETI(abominable snowman)!

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