Sunday, January 20, 2008

met Jasper at Junction8 today.
hahaha, saw FARIAH!
she's still like the old FARIAH i once knew.
might sound abit weird for me to say this, but...
i kinda miss her. in fact, i missed every single 4n3-ian who didn't make it to 5n3.
okay, Vanessa and gang was there too.
but after i got there, they went off.
don't want see me can just tell right? BITCH!

okay, so we went off to meet Joonkai.
went TOWN, or should i say... CITY!
Joonkai wanted to get either a white coloured jeans, or a black coloured one.
so we went here and there, looking for his dream jeans.
but in the end... nothing.
for me, i grew real irritating when i didn't see the bag of my life!
nahhh, the bag of my errr... kind.
but every bag i saw, they just weren't my vegetable.
okay! so after that we walked from Somerset to Plaza Singapura.
nothing there too...
so we decided to head back for ToaPayoh.
irritated... FCUK!

YAY! i found my back, finally.
just when i lost hope and grew really desporate.
i don't think i should rush for the bag.
so i guess i'll spend my day tomorrow at school, contemplating about whether buy the bag or not.
hahaha, i don't know if i used the word, contemplating, correctly or not.
don't care.


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