Saturday, January 19, 2008

i can finally sleep till late hours!!!
not very late, but at least i got to sleep until... around 1pm?
GREAT!!! i loved it damn it!

okay so i went out with Hanyong, Zul, Nicholas, Jasper, Ivan and Jonathan.
went Heeren with Zul, cause he wanted to get his shoe.
Everlast, he got his shoe from Everlast.
then after that we went walking around looking for Hanyong's white jeans.
FarEast. walk here and there, and he finally found the jeans of his dream.
$38, procrastinated like a sissy, in the end never buy.
okay!!! not sissy, i understand how you feel 10years.

and after that, we went back to ToaPayoh's Pastamania...
finish eating, went Pasa Malam... sit down, not talk.
but PSP! yeahhhh!!!
luckily i didn't regret buying the electronic thing.
after that went poooooooooooooooool~
okay, posting about things that happened today makes me sleepy.

TOMMY! what a cool name.
it might sound childish, but i just think that it's a cool name. for guys.
the nicest english name for girls, i think is shit.
hmmm... Celest/Celeste. but when you have a Wong behind, not nice already.
OKAY! don't get mad girl...
okay, so far, Celest/Celeste is the nicest english, for girls, i can think of.
if there's any other, i'll let you guys know.


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