Thursday, May 29, 2008

the tuition with Mrs Tay HuiYi is finally errr... resumed?
so, the tuition with Mrs Tay was like usual.
joke study joke study.
ahaha. nothing much happened.

then after tuition, Hanyong, Ivan and i went to eat at the Lorong8 market.
arghhhhhhhhhh! let's not talk about all these dull stuff.
let's have colours!

i have this urge surging throughout my body now.
and it's to go Sentosa again. hahaha, i don't know why.
maybe cause i wanna awaken the backflipping ego in me.
hahaha. i remember the last time, i landed to many times on my back, obvious, i failed to do the backflip.
but i didn't give up! i don't wanna give up. the sensation of flipping is so damn WHOOOHOO!!! especially when you're in mid-air. hahaha.
ahhhhhhhh, The Contender's still on TV, WATCH!!!


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