Wednesday, May 28, 2008

OHMAN! today's English extra lesson in school was a total waste of time.
it's so damn friggin' boring. brrr...
i woke up so damn early for nothing. but never mind!!! at least i attained at HR6 in Monster Hunter.

okay, so most of us fled after the treachorous torture we had in the hall.
we had breaks in between the lesson, so we seized the opportunity, AND THEN WEEEEEEEEEE!!! we're out!!!
then, we spent the rest of the time at Masagos' house until the time for the POA lesson is up.
so we slacked and slacked at his house until around 1.30pm.
got ready and went back to school. OHMY~ school's so quiet.
hahaha. don't care.

the lesson was kinda productive, but...
SHIAT! towards the end, most of the boys just didn't have the mood to carry on with the studying and became like loud speakers. talking about our own stuffs and all.


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