Monday, June 2, 2008

finally back, i can't breathe!!! and the suffocation lasted for like 15minutes or so...
FUCK!!! i was sitting on the second deck when this woman came and sat infront of me.
then a really strong stench came into my nose, and it stinks!!!
damn it!!!
and i went around sniffing here and there, then my nose choked when it reached a hairy bunch of hair.
FUCKING~ it was friggin' smelly man. i couldn't take it, but to breathe with my mouth.
but no use! i could still taste that stinky stink stink smell.
so i had to breathe via my fingers. yeah, my fingers were the medium.
wahhh! i nearly fainted okay.
my face turned green and my eyes went red.
i just can't sit the smell, i tried standing... no use.
kneeling, no use. lying down, no use. so in the end, i had to take my slippers off and then put them near my nose.
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... refreshing.
hahaha, okay! exaggerating.

okay, so tuition was kinda uhuh!
like normal... so i guess i don't have to elaborate so much on it.
my day was great, but someone had to disrupt the peace and tranquility i'm having by telling me about something that i have already forgotten about!
she said hello and then started talking about the victim.
yeah, he's the OI SKIDDING guy.
so she talked and talked.

ME : i don't wanna know...
V girl : don talk abt him
ME : yeah let;s not talk

fyi, him is the victim, and he'll be called *tooooooot* in this post.

YEAH! you see those three sentences right? yaya?
okay, then she said something like...

V girl : if u tink i accuse *tooooooot*
than ur thinking
i don want to fight with u

SEE THAT?! she said that she didn't wanna talk about *tooooooot* and then she come tell me about *tooooooot* again.
WHAT THE FUCK!!! does she want man?!
her screw loose or what?!
people said, "let's not talk" already, then she wanna thick-skinned thick-skinned come tell me these and that.
shut up lah okay?
asshole fucking bitch.


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