Thursday, June 5, 2008

i haven't been blogging for like... 2days yaya?
cause i was at home, nothing to blog about yaya?
no actually i went out, but...
i was just plain lazy.

okay! i'm watching The Contender now, and Zach's in the ring now!
damn! what a waste, because of hold injuries, he lost.
everyone cheered for him during his entrance. they went, "ZACH!!! ZACH!!! ZACH!!!" like some kinda market and all. then Zidov didn't even show any signs of huh?
okay, MuayThai's cool.

i watched the first Chronicles of Narnia, and it was kinda like the first.
saving Narnia and all. but their both nice.
the title of the movie has to be attractive, if not people will think that it's a show not worth watching.
like me. i saw the advertisement, the moment the word/logo came out, "The Chronicles of Narnia..." i went to do my things and tada!~ i didn't know how cool the movie was.
seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! but luckily there was Ivan, he said the movie's nice.
and we watch, yaya! i liked it.
Lucy looks really adorable in some angles, Edmund has the most decent look, Peter's hair looked like my lower secondary days hair(but his is nicer), and Susan's lips is looking so thick.

next! Enchanted!

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