Friday, June 20, 2008

once again, 18 pairs of legs went into the pitch one by and, they kicked, they rammed, they collided and they scored!!! THE CAGE!!! it's always fun to play inside the indoor street soccer court. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHAH!!! OHMAN!!! i was playing like a guy without legs at first, but after i scored my first goal, WAHH SEHH!!! you know what happen not? hmph! say already you all also scared... never mind, i'll just tell you guys what happened after i score the first goal. everyone carried on playing. damn shiok! but i'm growing weaker and weaker, after the first match, WHOOHOO!!! i panted like an asshole without panties. OKAY! my leg would always hurt like hell. the blisters always bigger than my toe nails. PAIN LIKE ONE DON'T KNOW WHAT MAN!!! WHOOHOO!!! but never mind, it's worth it! i'll do anything to have fun. but sometimes must see first also.

OKAY! we planned to celebrate Jasper's birthday today. but due to some thingies. everything was dull and all. no one knew where to go... so in the end, it doesn't even matter~ everyone went home. SHIAT! i thought we'll be having good food in our mouths, but sad... we ate something called. Kentucky Fried Chicken. save money, never mind!

school's reopening in 2 days time. i'm so excited. it's been awhile since i last saw Mr Singh in action. OH! his sexy tummy, his sexy 1000thousand years old turbs and his seductive eyes. sizzling hot sex. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... i can't sleep anymore. can, but for alittle while only. that means i'm gonna become the DRAGON WARRIOR! okay, i know i'm talking crap and all. boredm waiting for my movies to finish downloading and all.

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