Thursday, June 19, 2008

first things first!
wahhh!!! one by one, everyones' birthdays are approaching. and Jasper's officially? 17!!! YEAH! getting more and more mature, and that means!!! you should just stop being so decent, be like us!!! yeah, dirty things take up 1% in our brains. okay, not everyone in our clique's like that. BUT I BELIEVE! i believe that there are a few who're like that. both decent and dirty aren't bad ya know. ahh never mind, no matter what i say you won't listen, cause your a committed christian man!!! sorry dude!!!~ OKAY! i was only joking man, how can i influence you and bring you to the wrong path?! how can i?! i'm good kid man. YOYOYO! just don't change, that's the best!
okay i think i should just stop talking, if not someone PETTY~ you know you know. okay relax...

WHOAAA!!! we talked about some weird stuffs and all after all of our lessons ended. and Nicholas told us that he's done some research, and came across some thingy about this guy predicting the future. people didn't believe and these prophecies came true. WHOOOHOOO!!! and that guy said that some comet will hit earth and the impact of the comet will wipe out the whole of earth's population on 2014!!! OHMAN!!! i hope that the scientists or whatever are working on comet issue. i don't wanna die at such a young age man... but if really no choice, then i'll do something crazy before dying. something i've never experienced before. YAY!!!

the world's filled with so many mystical stuffs, and they're all so cool man. OW!!!~ okay i wanna do my own research already. i wanna find out... why 'me' is called 'me', why not neh or something.

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