Tuesday, June 17, 2008

first "WOW",
i'm actually studying. Chemistry... took out the TYS, and then i started reading all those stuffs. attempted a few questions and then i realised i forgot everything i've learnt. okay not all, almost all. i resisted myself from flipping through the answer sheet and the textbook, so i think and think and think. i stared hard at the question, yeah i was calm on the outside, but in my mind, there were activities going on. small little JiSiangs in my mind were searching high and low for the answer, some were wrecking my brain, others squeezed by brain for brain juice, drilling the nerves on my brain, World War VIII on the lower part of my brain, KingKong fighting with The Hulk in America on my brain, Keval having sex with bookshop auntie, demolition of the 0.1cm Porn Tower, etc... and finally, Lil' Jisiangs were exhausted and finally gave up. it's only 3seconds in real world, but inside me, it was like 10years. WHOOHOO!!! yeah! so in the end i opened up my textbook and started looking for answers. cannot find = answer sheet. hahaha. yeah. HEYHEY! i've been studying for the past... errr, 1hour i guess. 30minutes on the word NYLON and 30minutes on some other questions. see!!! i was so determined to find out what the fuck is NYLON! i know, i stupid, Chemistry poor right?!

second "WOW",
bored... "y-a-h-o-o-.-c-o-m, ENTER!" then on the search bar, "j-i-s-i-a-n-g, ENTER!" YAY! i saw so many things!!! there were so many places named after me. like what, JiSiang park, Jisiang road lane 88, don't know what nonsense all out. hhahaha. still got Written by:JiSiang, then alot of chinese word. "HAHAHAHAHHA! Since when did i write all these nonsense?!" okay sorry. not interesting. to me interesting... try typing your name on Yahoo Search Engine. damn fun.


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