Wednesday, June 18, 2008

i slept for 16hours straight and i feel so refreshed, and still a bit of weariness. SO YEAH! i woke up to see a grey coloured sign, 7 O'Clock! SHIT!!! now my days are getting shorter and shorter, is this a kinda disease or what?

Underworld Evolution was damn nice! know why? because Kate Beckinsale's the female lead. OH! she's still so gorgeous, her face is exactly like when she was acted in Van Helsing. WHOOHOO!!! okay, so now it's Kate Beckinsale, Felicia Chin and then Jessica Alba. WHOOHOO!!!

Sweeney Todd was cool too. from the title, i thought it was some kinda demon demon show. Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. COOL AIN'T?! but sad, like half of the movie is singing and then half was killing. ahhh, it's still an amazing movie. WAHH!!! the movie was bloody, but the blood were like kinda fake. i know it's fake, but it looks fake when it's suppose to look real.

abit sad, cause Kate Beckinsale is already 34. SHIAT!

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