Tuesday, June 10, 2008

YES! this the very movie that i just can't get over.
it's just so goddamn funny!!! yes it was lame, and some people said that it was a movie not worth watching. like what hyhy said. BUT, i think otherwise. it's just so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so SO funny. the lame is just, so damn lame.

lead actor comes out of his house, then he hear those arguing next door, lots of sounds like breaking glass bottles all those. of course they exaggerated by adding machine guns and all. then lead actress comes out from her house.

Lead Actor : You okay?
Lead Actress : What you heard that?
then suddenly someone shouts from the window : You're nothing but an ugly ungrateful little whore!!! Just like your mother!!!
Lead Actor : Who's she?
Lead Actress : My mother...

fuck!!! this is the part where i laughed like mad. hahahaha. ahhhh~ you wouldn't understand unless you watch it yourselves.

so i got up early and prepared for the tuition lesson with Mrs Tay. so yeahyeahyeah... i got ready and went out. and tuition was pretty much usual. BUT! this time, i witnessed how the dog relieved himself, butbutbut he was too old to control his muscles at his ass. so he just let his faeces out like some a running tap. and those weren't normal faeces, LAU SAI you know? the watery kinda shit, with bubbles on top. then as i looked at the shit, the bubble pops and tada!!!~

FORBIDDEN KINGDOM!!! another movie... but it wasn't as fantastic as SUPERHERO MOVIE!
but it was cool. the duration of the movie was around 1hour 30minutes, but to me it was like some 30minutes cartoon, i didn't know why. maybe cause Liu Yi Fei was just too pretty. ahahaha. Liu Yi Fei's the Golden Sparrow or whatever one.

OKAY!!! i wanna watch TV.

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