Monday, June 9, 2008

Spiderwick Chronicles is damn nice!!!the ending was damn nice. who would've thought that the "bad guy" in the show who's really huge, would end up being eaten by a character that's so much smaller than him!
hahaha, very nice. and i still have alot of movies waiting for me yaya?

cute aye?
this little birdy was found in my house! my GrandMother was cleaning the little garden in my house when she saw this little creature, sitting helplessly near the drain. she tried to move it, but it just didn't have any response. so... she called forth mighty warrior, WONGJISIANG!!!

the mighty warrior appeared infront of the little creature, he took a few glances at it and then waved at it, trying to chase the thing away. it ignored his actions. frustrated, he tried to move the little creature by force, but little did he know that the bird could fly!!!

so it flew away, and landed inside a pot! it's obvious, that this little creature had just learnt how to fly. it's flying was unstable and during it's flight, the distance it had from the ground was just a few centimetres. mighty warrior of Carmichael pondered the big trees around him, "This little creature must've fell from it's nest!" and with his ultra-super-x-ray-time-10-times-vision, he scanned through the trees but found nothing!

"FUCKING CHEEBYE!!!" just when the mighty warrior was about to give up, a melodious chirp tickled his ears. mighty warrior directed his vision to the source of the sound and there he saw a bird! it's his kukubird! nahhh!!! it's bird, yes, but it's no ordinary bird, it's the little creature's mother!!! mighty warrior knew straight away that it was it's mother just by looking at it's feathers. so!!! mighty warrior waved and pointed at the little creature. the mother seemed to be too busy looking for it's bird and cared little what mighty warrior was up to.

ahhhh forget it. i tried to help the little birdy by putting him back into its nest, but shit i forgot that i didn't know where the nest was... my GrandMother said not to leave it outside, like exposed to don't know what... cause there are cats around, they might eat it. so i took the little birdy and placed it in the park. YAY! it's safe now. so i sat down, and waited for its mother to come pick it up. YES! the mother did flew to its side, but! after a few seconds, it flew away. i think the mother couldn't do anything about the birdy that's why it flew away. so the little birdy just sat on one of the branches helplessly. "Yeah, it'll fly away somehow." i thought, and went back to do my stuffs.

AHHH!!! here you see a headless bird. it's been about an hour since i left it in the park. and it's still there!!! power!!! it's sleeping you see. yaya.

ahhh, i wanna watch movies already.

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