Friday, February 4, 2011


first day of CNY was kinda mundane. maybe it's because i freaking woke up at 4pm. but it's alright, at least i got my fingers rubbing on the mahjong tiles~ ohyea.. mahjong's good, mahjong's great, mahjong wan sui wan sui wan wan sui~~ and i lost only 1$ ahhahaha. record breaking! i usually lose almost all my assets.

second day should be a lot better, because there will be this lion dancing troop coming to do some dancing at my house. with all the noise, my dogs are gonna bark like mad. man, they're so gonna get their throats so sore.

so i couldn't have reunion dinner with my family and relatives because i had to work on CNY eve. which wasn't that bad actually, i earned 90$ in 6 hours. and in that 6 hours, i only had to serve food and act busy. and also stare at Tong Tong's headlights (@weijie 2^^) haahhahahahaha. Tong Tong is this china girl there. k i stop with the Tong Tong thing.
and then there was this mofo auntie.. some of us were assigned to serve food and all, and we were supposed to queue and wait for our turn to get the food and serve. then that mofo-ing auntie dk doing wtf, scared cannot serve come and cut our queue _|_ then the face like one cock like that, fucking mild overlapping jaw face. feel like slapping her serious no joke. then wanna act like very experienced like that, give the lj bin then order the actual staffs there to do things all.
Zhao Chong Wei, this guy. i can say he's one of the best employees that the seafood restaurant has employed. he's really friendly and helpful and yknow the way he talks give you a homey feeling. hhahaa. although i only got to interact with him for a few minutes, i can tell that he has a good heart.
THEN.. there's an old lady. from what i see, i think she's been on Earth for more than 85 years already. idk what happened, but according to Jonathan Lau/Ng Wei Jie(?) she choked on something. there wasn't much mayhem, but everybody had their attention on the table that she was sitting on. and in just a split second, the ambulance came and she was being admitted to the hospital. tsktsk.. life is fragile. one small little mistake and your life is in jeopardy.

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