Friday, February 11, 2011


it's been a while since we took a group picture huh?

and here i am, in front of the computer. really pissed with the laggy-ness of my desktop. my laptop's still not repaired yet. the fees are really expensive, and i don't wanna see my parents spend so much money. so yknow~ i'm just gonna wait. until when? idk.

Yeogi(according to my sister, that is actually how you spell her name), my dog, bit my Havaianas flip flops into pieces and i was damn pissed. no i am still pissed. wtf.. of all things, she has to fucking chew on my flip flops. actually i cannot blame her, she's got nothing to play with. i blame my mum. i told her not to fucking wear my flip flops already. and even if she were to wear them, PLEASE BRING IT INSIDE THE HOUSE. she don't listen! wtf?! now i have no flip flops. actually i have, but i don't wanna wear those. very weird. maaaaaaaaaan~ i gotta get myself a new pair. i'll draw the one that i've been looking for next time. i think it's damn sexaye~ i saw this auntie wearing it on the bus and i fell down, into a bowl filled with heart shaped pudding. the puddings are pink and there are natta de cocos inside each puddings. the puddings had perky little jiggles and they looked so cute. then one of them said, "Fuck off man! You're really heavy! Shoo!" and i jumped for joy because he said i was heavy. the end.

i like this picture. 3 NCC mofos. miss those times when we were still cadets and all we have hanging around our lips were, "ONE FOR ALL, ALL FOR ONE!" where my NC' brudders at?

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