Thursday, July 21, 2011


you know.. i've always wanted to tweet about this but i always forget. but since i'm in front of the computer now, i shall make an entry about this.

i always go into the boys' toilet in NYP. i'd usually be alone or there would be someone standing at the urinal. so approach one of the urinals and start licking it. OK NO! i unzip and pee. then out of no where, there'd be this blastoise hyrdopump sound coming from my left/right side. i turn to see what actually is happening. and i see this guy peeing. WTF! it's like super soaker. the sound of the pee hitting the walls of the urinal is really monstrous. and it's like, every different guy does that. why isn't my pee that strong? is something wrong with my dick or is it because these people just flex their pelvic muscles and force their pee out?
this really bothers me..

and i said i'd fix Tommy(PSP) right? I DID! i changed the LCD screen and now it's working! woooooooooooohooooooooo! and i'm currently playing Kingdom Hearts: Birth by sleep. i'm waiting for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd to release their english version. i googled it and they say the english one is out already. but i cannot find it! somebody help me please.

exams are slowly creeping in. i'm really worried, and yet i don't revise my school work. my attitude towards school is getting from bad to worst. i skip lectures, tutorials and even labs. man, i'm so dead if this continues. i'm gonna try and get back on track. for the future, i will.

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