Wednesday, September 7, 2011


what i did for my FYP which is totally not related to the project i'm working on. and this is not complete because the supervisor saw me using photoshop and he angsty.

3rd day of FYP and i'm dying already. wtf man.. it's like staying school from morning till night doing nothing. ok actually it's only the first 3 days that i'm doing nothing.

we were told to come early and then sit in front of the desktop and do nothing. ok maybe we're supposed to research on some project that we're gonna be assigned to. but wtf! we weren't even assigned to projects and they expect us to research. research what? research on "how to find out what project i'm gonna receive next when i haven't seen my supervisor's face" ah? crazy..
worst part is, we are not to use the computer for facebook, twitter, games and even photoshop. then why ask us to come early for school?!?!?! at least let us do our own stuff what.. wleh.
and then we can't even have music playing in our own ears. damn fucked up seriously. but luckily, i got assigned to what i'm supposed to do already. *phew!

and i'm really lazy to elaborate. but i summarize. i'm to invent this device that allows me to attach a normal wheelchair to a random bicycle. sounds easy but it's really complicated.

i had head banging sessions every time i'm in the lab of my FYP. fk..

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