Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cotton Bud

I'm officially working at Cotton On. The outlet at 313 Somerset.

So overall, I don't really find it fun or bored. And it's not a shit place nor an awesome place to work at.

I'm the very pessimistic type. So whenever I learn that I have to go work, I'd be like.. "WTF.. Tomorrow got work! Damn sian wtf.. I could be sleeping know!" And all other negative comments and complains. I complain, but yknow, I'll work! And when I am actually at work, I'd be like, "Eh.. Not bad what actually. Quite fun what.." Then when it's time to leave, I'd be all, "Eh why end so fast? I can go on for another 2 hours know." Kind of reluctant to leave some times.

The people there are nice and fun. Though I don't really interact with them, but from what I see, they're nice people and they're a bunch of fun fun people. I don't usually open up to people easily so when I'm with them I'm that very quiet and emo new guy. They tell me jokes, I'd just smile and giggle or something. With people whom I'm comfortable with, I go into "guai lan" mode. I prefer awkward silence when I'm with people who I don't really know. And I tend to make lots of stupid noises when I'm with people I'm comfortable with. So you see, I'm a very complexed person.

I'm working, but at the same time, it feels like I'm not working. Because for the whole of next week, I'll only be working on Saturday and Sunday. IDK why, but yeaaaa.. Hope I'll open up to them soon and they'll like me.

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