Monday, October 28, 2013

Just filling you in.

Just a post on what happened during my absence from this space.

I miss being a cadet. Nothing can ever describe how much I enjoyed my time back in OCS. That's my amazing buddy!
And over these long 9 months, i realised that becoming an officer isn't much of a big deal. That one bar that you bear on your chest is a duty. It does not make you much of a different soldier. Be it you're on the field, in the office. Wherever you go, as long as you're from the SAF, you're a soldier first then your whatever appointments/vocation. You are to carry the rifle, the full pack, wear green and black on your face and fight alongside your comrades when the button is pressed(I don't think there's a button, it's just a way to make things sound more serious). I've seen people becoming officers when they don't even deserve to become one in the first place. Including myself. It doesn't prove anything to become an officer. Bottom line: Officer or not, you're still expected to do what a recruit does.

Commissioning Ball.

Singapore's Birthday.

Formula 1 Grand Prix @ Singapore.

Exercise Wallaby, Australia.

I'll come back, soon.

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