Tuesday, December 11, 2007

HEYHEYHEY! what a day man...
went out with Ivan, Jasper, Hanyong, Nicholas, WhyeHoe, Jonathan and Yongjin.
went shopping, but i didn't buy anything.
it's either i don't bear to buy the stuffs that i want, or i just can't make up my mind to buy this better or that...
OHMAN! how indecisive...
i just wish i had more money, like at least a thousand, YEAH!
that'll do.
OHYEAH! i forgot. i can't use too much, i have to save at least 200bucks.
you know, to throw them on the streets to congratulate myself for passing the N Levels.
and if i fail(NONONO! touchwood) i'll burn them all.
so Ivan, Nicholas, Jonathan and WhyeHoe bought their stuffs.
Ivan bought a cardigan, Nicholas bought a walk shorts(i think), WhyeHoe bought a jacket and Jonathan bought himself two items, as rich as usual, a shoe from addidas and a belt from 77th Street.
after that, we just went back to ToaPayoh.
sat down and talked about the past.
about how Jason Pun trashed Mrs Yang in a mouth to mouth fight.
then about soccer, then about many many other things.

hmmmm... i'm getting sick of my blogskin now.
but i'm lazy to get it changed. soon, soon.


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